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The Cineporto of Emilia-Romagna was launched in October 2022, following the hosting of Michael Mann’s film production for the movie "Ferrari" in July.

Cineporto is a project of Scarabeo Entertainment, it is a private hub for production of films and documentaries, catalyzing in one place all the work instrumental to production. It is located in a structure that covers an area of 1,500 square meters. And it is built entirely with sustainability and energy efficiency criteria.

The inner lenticular geometry of the long steel beams allows to have an  open space without supporting columns, a space in which the air conditioning is assisted by an integrated photovoltaic system and an insulation of all surfaces, all these elements make the entire structure completely self-sustainable in terms of energy. 

Architecture meets all needs of big film crews and shooting companies, allowing easily the access and transit of trucks for loading, unloading and equipment stock.

The Cineporto is designed to house offices and a mobile soundstage, within a space in which industry and culture can intersect in ways efficient and sustainable. The goal is to innovate and incubate creative projects by establishing synergies. 

This production hub has three rooms dedicated to audio and video post-production, both equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software design, to manage the entire workflow of film post-production, from editing to color correction to sound design.

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