The Cineporto is a project of Scarabeo Entertainment, it is a private hub for production of films and documentaries, catalyzing in one place all the work instrumental to production. The Cineporto is located in a structure that covers an area of 1,500 square meters. And it is built entirely with criteria of sustainability and energy efficiency.


The inner lenticular geometry of the long steel beams forms an open space without supporting columns, a space in which the air conditioning is assisted by an integrated photovoltaic system and an insulation of all surfaces, all elements that make the entire structure completely self-sustainable in terms of energy. 

Architecture meets all needs of big film crews and shooting companies, allowing easy access and transit of trucks for loading, unloading and stocking equipment.

The Cineporto is designed to house offices and a mobile soundstage, within a space in which industry and culture intersect in ways efficient and sustainable. The goal is to innovate and incubate creative projects by establishing synergies. 

This production hub has two rooms dedicated to audio and video post-production, both equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software design, to manage the entire workflow of film post-production, from editing to color correction to sound design. 

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The symbolic meaning of the beetle, sacred and dear to the Egyptians — tells stories of rebirth: Scarabeo originates from Alessandra Stefani’s project in 2019.


The first feature-length documentary produced by Scarabeo is The Arch. (2020; 104 m.), directed by Alessandra Stefani. It is the experiential journey of a modern traveler through four continents, engaging architects committed to redesigning our future. The Arch. featured in the official selection of the Milano Design Film Festival 2020 (Milan, Italy); it was selected in the Architecture and Design Film Festival 2020, New York; it was nominated for Best Documentary, Best Music/Sound Design, and Best Film at the Milan International Film Festival Awards 2020.


The second documentary produced by Scarabeo Entertainment and directed by Alessandra Stefani is "La moda del Liscio" (2021), an intimate story, ironic and delicate, about a local folk scene, the Liscio: it is the story of the last day of glory of crooner Giacomo Gherardelli, musician and comedian, who built his artistic persona within this genre, poised between decadence and survival. The film features clips from film archives (Rai, Luce, and Home Movies) and stages through interviews the memories of people who have never stopped singing and dancing.

The film was selected among the winning projects of a Call for funding by the Emilia Romagna Film Commission; it was shot following the "Green Film" protocol, in line with the philosophy of Scarabeo Entertainment, sensitive and attentive to environmental sustainability.

"La moda del Liscio" has been selected for the 40th edition of the Bellaria Film Festival, where it has its national premiere.


Currently, Scarabeo Entertainment is working on production of its third project, the most ambitious one, for its experimental nature and expressive research: "Mycelia", a dark fairy tale in which hyperrealism and the supernatural merge poetically.